Monday, January 29, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I go back to work....


Do I have to???????

Ok, whine over!

I went in today and there is a 2 month pile of periodicals to put on the system. Thanks go to our wonderful library assistant who has prepped them for me so all I have to do is put them through the computer. YAY! Our doors have also been painted. The outer one is blue and the inner ones are red. Hmmmm...wonder who came up with that colour scheme??? It's not too bad really, the colours are quite deep. I'm sure I'll get used to it....

The girlie went into daycare today (and apparently had a marvellous time) so it was my last day of freedom. It was so nice to have done all the major tidy up things so that I could enjoy it!

I went the library and borrowed some more Ilsa Evans as well as that old bastion - Mrs Christie! Am looking forward to a good old fashioned over the top Miss Marple murder. What is it about that woman that attracts crime??? St Mary Mead seems to be a lot like Midsomer - by the end of the episode you wonder if there is anyone left in the town to murder!

Anyway, early to bed tonight - sandwiches are done and the washing up will take but a moment - got to be on time to work at least one day this year!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

See, I can tidy!

I thought that I would show you all what my table looks like without my scrapping stuff strewn all over it!

I also thought you might like to see that my girl really is her father's daughter. Anyone who knows him can attest that he also has a penchant for shoving things up his nose....LOL...or in his ears... Hopefully she will become more sensible with age. She should - after all she is female...LOL

I have just spent the last couple of hours watching the tennis. The match between Federer and Gonzales was fantastic. The other finals have all been a bit one-sided, so it was great to see a match where the players were a bit closer. It was also good to see Federer challenged a bit for a change! Bring on good tennis!

I also watched a bit of Midsummer Night's Dream. The modern version. I had forgotten what a cringey play it can be. Sucha comedy of errors. Young love and all that. Still, the performances were good. I did enjoy Taming of the Shrew better though!

Only one more day at home! Back to work on Tuesday. ARGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

What the...?

Welcome to my mess!!! So much for cleaning up the dining room!

Well, to be fair, I did clean it up, but I messed it up again.

But I did create three layouts (if you look closely you can see one of them!) Well...2 1/2. One isn't quite finished yet... I will put them up tomorrow.

In other news...

I have put batteries in the girlie's kitchen and now it makes noise. I think I must be insane. Oh well, at least she seems to be enjoying it.

It's raining! Well, a little bit. And that's better than nothing.

My kitchen is still tidy.

I finished my book - and it was good.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Decluttering again....

Here are some pictures of my decluttered kitchen. They were requested by my mother. I expect she didn't believe me! Ignore the clutter in the dining room part - it won't be there next week anyway... :)

The first photo is of my friend's little (5lb 13oz) baby. He was born on the 20th, so is just 6 days old. He has bad jaundice, poor thing, so they'll be in hospital a bit longer. But isn't he beautiful??

I go back to work on Tuesday - I hope to get a fair bit more done this weekend before that.

Well, it's time for bed. Off to read the sequel to Spin Cycle. It's called Drip Dry, and it's even better! Well I think so, anyway!