Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm a winner!!!!!

Thanks to Aussie Pub Calls and Judith Hunt of Legacy Keeper I received this great kit. My apologies for not posting my thanks earlier. Keep your eyes peeled for some layouts using this great kit! Judith has recently closed her store but might have a few bits and pieces left. Check out her site to see what's left!

One point to ponder - does anyone have any ideas what to do with Maya Road Journey tins????

In other news:

  • TG and I have done some scrapping today - me for the LSS monthly challenge, and TG because, well, she likes to.
  • I have a cold - all I wanted to do yesterday was sleep so the doctor gave me the rest of the week off. Of course, everyone else at work is sick at the moment so I will have to be extra diligent next week I think. But at least I will get some extra Stargate SG1 watching in. And maybe even some scrapping.
  • I have been tagged! Vicky (DT member at Scrapbook Divas) has tagged me with a "Nice Matters" award. Thank you so much, Vicky! I tag Marita and Tannia - who both leave such great comments on my blog even though I often forget to leave comments on theirs! (Hope you are getting better Tannia!) Feel free to copy the graphic to your blog and tag someone(s) else! (PS: there are several other lovely people who I would like to tag for the same reason, but They have already been tagged - and once is enough! :) )