Saturday, July 29, 2006

Knicker girl...

Today, as I was having my shower, the girlie was very quiet so I ducked my head out to see her trying to put on my knickers from the pile of dirty laundry. I exhorted her to remove them from her person in many different ways, but the only one that worked was "They're dirty and they need a wash." She left the room to put them in the laundry - or so I thought. The next thing I know she has brought in a clean pair from the washing basket and is putting them on - then pulling on her pants afterwards. Talk about observant!

Had trouble with her spitting today. I can only assume that is has something to do with her recently acquired skill of brushing her teeth (after which you spit into the basin) or that she has seen a kid at daycare do it. Either way it is pretty yucky. We had a few incidents with it today but she eventually got the message after I had a light bulb moment and actually explained it to her that you only spit in the basin.

On the upside - she put her pyjamas on all by herself tonight. Woohoo!!!!

As we were making the bed tonight, DH mentioned that there was too much floor in the bedroom... but he seemed happy about it :) LOL.

I am going out to scrap tomorrow - two classes of 3 hours each. And I don't even have to come home for lunch!!!!! I must be really excited about it because every time my mobile rang today I kept expecting it to be cancelled! And I have my bag packed and ready to go!!

Glasses of water today = 5
Stargate episodes watched = 1
loads of washing = 4
folding done = 0 (how sad... :P )

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Scrappy day...

I scrapped!!! Haven't done that for ages. It is cybercrop weekend at Chookscraps and this was challenge #4 - make a card using your scrapping supplies. The star took 2 1/2 hours to get right - and then I had to replicate it in nice paper!!! Grrrrr.

Got to finish Chasing Charlie Duskin this morning. DH got the girlie her breakfast so I got to lie in a little bit. It was a good read and I enjoyed it but I think it would have been better if I'd been able to read it in one sitting!!!

Have moved onto Love on a Branch Line (aptly retitled by my family Lust on a Branch Line - see the BBC series and you'll understand why! :) ) I have read it many times - it is right up there on my much read list along with Pride and Prejudice and Cold Comfort Farm.

I still have four books to go on the CBCA Book of the year list (and I have heard they are the depressing ones) so I had better get onto it soon.

The girlie's language is coming on in leaps and bounds. Every day she comes out with new words and concepts. She has even started reading books to herself in the morning while we are rushing around trying to get ready!! She has started to sing in tune (to a certain extent) and that is very exciting too!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the dreaded fridge

I cleaned out hte fridge today. I found lots of stuff to toss:

2 jars of salsa
2 almost empty bottles
2 empty cream cheese containers
7 jars of jam in various states of uneatenness (some I have just chucked - I am too scared to open them... :) )
1 half-used bottle of magadophilus capsules with use by date of 07/05 (there's $35 I'll never see again...)
1 half empty jar of yukky hoi sin sauce
1 unopened airline container of apple juice
2 packets of fast food s/s sauce
4 sick looking chillies
2 jugs of cordial from whenver I last had a cold
2 mushroom bags
1 egg from who knows when
1 piece of dried broccoli
2 pieces of paper towel that DH had soaked in vanilla and put in the fridge to get rid of a smell at some stage

I also folded all the clothes (the sheets and towels will have to wait, however) and managed to change the sheets on our bed.

I also drank 8 glasses of water. It probably doesn't add up to 2 litres, but it's better than none!!

On a more personal note - I asked the girlie what did Mummy need and she said "a cuggle"... :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Not Mummy

Today the girlie let us have a bit of a sleep in - she didn't wake up until 8 am!!! Which is a nice change from 6.45...

DH went in to get her and as he came in she said "Mummy!!!!", to which he replied "I'm not Mummy".

"Daddy!" she said and then he brought her in to see me.

"Cuggle Mummy!" and I did as I was bid.

She proceeded to point and name everything (as is her want in the morning).

"Mummy, Taggyn, pirrow, co(t), not mummy..."

We laughed.