Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There's a bear in there....

Today we went to a Play School concert. It was short, but excellent. No we know what happens to all those old Play School presenters that we never see on any other shows - they are all off doing concerts in regional areas... Seriously, George and Angela were fantastic and the kids LOVED them. TG even got up and jumped around and was pretty much engaged for the whole 45 minute show. I was so very proud of her. After 12 months of sticking with Mum all the time it is wonderful to see her branching out just a little.

And, as you can see, Big Ted came home with us. As if she doesn't already have enough bears. *Sigh*

Not only did he some home with us, he also went to the post office with us and to Baker's Delight with us and to the bookshop with us, and has pretty much not been separated from TG since he came into her possesion at 11 am this morning. Poor old Jarmie bear is out in the cold... I do hope he comes back into favour soonish - he *is* a lot smaller... :)

Other things that have happened since I last blogged:

I have sorted my scrap stuff (it's still in boxes but at least it's not all mixed up anymore)
I have had so many antibiotics it is surprising that I am not sprouting mushrooms! Still, my tooth is better
I have finished watching Stargate Atlantis season 3. Bring on Season 4! I want it NOW!!!!!!!!
I have caught up with the washing

All good and proper things.
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Monday, August 13, 2007


...I did it again...

I locked my handbag in the house.

Sooooo peeved at myself.

Luckily, the lovely cleaning fairy came to my rescue. It's not everyone who would come across town to let you into your own house... :)

So now I have a sticky note attached to my back door. Emblazoned across it is one simple word. "KEYS".

I thought about writing the whole sentence, "Remember your keys", but then I would feel old - so I didn't.

So, late to work. Then I had to ring the GP about this blasted tooth that hurts to blazes and made an appointment for 11.10 am. Got there at 11.05 am (after picking up some lovely scrapping goodies at the PO) and waited for 45 minutes! Turns out he is taking his wife out for the night for their 35th wedding anniversary. So glad that he isn't a workaholic like he used to be and is taking some time off.

Then, of course, I had to go out to the chemist to get antibotics as the tooth is infected and was much later back to work than I anticipated.


Went to a friend's house for dinner and Top Gear tonight - had an absolute ball. We had a great dinner and home made panacotta for dessert and I felt really special. And of course the Top Gear team were hilarious as usual.

Well, I am not going to be late for work tomorrow as I am not going. I am off to a library meeting at a bookstore where we will talk about books and the CBCA awards.

What bliss.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well, after a pianful night (literally!) she eventually went to the loo this morning. PHEW! If course she didn't do it all so after stoppign the rest of it all morning (and a trip to the hospital to make sure it wasn't something more serious!) we finally had a repeat performance when we came home. But she has been very much happier since then so fingers crossed for a good week. It is getting more and more difficult to cope with this issue so I am going to the GP tomorrow to insist on going further. Oh, and to get antibiotics for my blessed tooth. THAT isn't helping matters any.

She didn't have a sleep this afternoon - but watched videos and scrapped instead. Here are the results of her afternoon's work.

Hopefully that means she will sleep until AFTER I have had my shower - now that'd be great!
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy day

Well, what a day! I feel like I have been running out of time all day! I suppose it doesn't help if you get caught up chatting on MSN with the 123 girls and then read after you get to bed. So when your 3 year old wakes you up at 6.30 ( I am never sure why she always seems to wake up early on days I can sleep in!) it is very hard to get up and you end up rushign around to get porridge on the inside and be washed on the inside before you need to go out in the howling wind and rain to buy a present for the 1st birthday you had forgotten about until you woke up that morning.

We did make this card though - from a sketch for the Little Scrapbook shop CC - and it was well-received. So I was very happy with that.

TG wouldn't eat anything much at the party and refused to have a sleep this afternoon. Of course she is nopw bombed out on the couch and is very hard to rouse so I think I might be in for a late night. Oh well. Better go get some tea on and see if that wakes her up. The light is still on and the music is blaring so let's see how we go...

Friday, August 10, 2007

scrapping challenges

Here is my take on the 1,2,3 Challenge for this month! The criteria is:
  • Green fabric
  • Something that has been in your stash for over 12 months, and;
  • sewing
This layout went through so many changes and has so many styles because I just went for broke. TG did some scrapping on Wednesday too but I haven't taken a photo of it yet. Will see how I go tonight.

BTW - make sure you check out the 123 cybercrop tonight! The more the merrier!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Simpsonised Librarian!

Perhaps slightly cooler than they might have drawn one - but here she is!