Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm a winner!!!!!

Thanks to Aussie Pub Calls and Judith Hunt of Legacy Keeper I received this great kit. My apologies for not posting my thanks earlier. Keep your eyes peeled for some layouts using this great kit! Judith has recently closed her store but might have a few bits and pieces left. Check out her site to see what's left!

One point to ponder - does anyone have any ideas what to do with Maya Road Journey tins????

In other news:

  • TG and I have done some scrapping today - me for the LSS monthly challenge, and TG because, well, she likes to.
  • I have a cold - all I wanted to do yesterday was sleep so the doctor gave me the rest of the week off. Of course, everyone else at work is sick at the moment so I will have to be extra diligent next week I think. But at least I will get some extra Stargate SG1 watching in. And maybe even some scrapping.
  • I have been tagged! Vicky (DT member at Scrapbook Divas) has tagged me with a "Nice Matters" award. Thank you so much, Vicky! I tag Marita and Tannia - who both leave such great comments on my blog even though I often forget to leave comments on theirs! (Hope you are getting better Tannia!) Feel free to copy the graphic to your blog and tag someone(s) else! (PS: there are several other lovely people who I would like to tag for the same reason, but They have already been tagged - and once is enough! :) )

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There's a bear in there....

Today we went to a Play School concert. It was short, but excellent. No we know what happens to all those old Play School presenters that we never see on any other shows - they are all off doing concerts in regional areas... Seriously, George and Angela were fantastic and the kids LOVED them. TG even got up and jumped around and was pretty much engaged for the whole 45 minute show. I was so very proud of her. After 12 months of sticking with Mum all the time it is wonderful to see her branching out just a little.

And, as you can see, Big Ted came home with us. As if she doesn't already have enough bears. *Sigh*

Not only did he some home with us, he also went to the post office with us and to Baker's Delight with us and to the bookshop with us, and has pretty much not been separated from TG since he came into her possesion at 11 am this morning. Poor old Jarmie bear is out in the cold... I do hope he comes back into favour soonish - he *is* a lot smaller... :)

Other things that have happened since I last blogged:

I have sorted my scrap stuff (it's still in boxes but at least it's not all mixed up anymore)
I have had so many antibiotics it is surprising that I am not sprouting mushrooms! Still, my tooth is better
I have finished watching Stargate Atlantis season 3. Bring on Season 4! I want it NOW!!!!!!!!
I have caught up with the washing

All good and proper things.
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Monday, August 13, 2007


...I did it again...

I locked my handbag in the house.

Sooooo peeved at myself.

Luckily, the lovely cleaning fairy came to my rescue. It's not everyone who would come across town to let you into your own house... :)

So now I have a sticky note attached to my back door. Emblazoned across it is one simple word. "KEYS".

I thought about writing the whole sentence, "Remember your keys", but then I would feel old - so I didn't.

So, late to work. Then I had to ring the GP about this blasted tooth that hurts to blazes and made an appointment for 11.10 am. Got there at 11.05 am (after picking up some lovely scrapping goodies at the PO) and waited for 45 minutes! Turns out he is taking his wife out for the night for their 35th wedding anniversary. So glad that he isn't a workaholic like he used to be and is taking some time off.

Then, of course, I had to go out to the chemist to get antibotics as the tooth is infected and was much later back to work than I anticipated.


Went to a friend's house for dinner and Top Gear tonight - had an absolute ball. We had a great dinner and home made panacotta for dessert and I felt really special. And of course the Top Gear team were hilarious as usual.

Well, I am not going to be late for work tomorrow as I am not going. I am off to a library meeting at a bookstore where we will talk about books and the CBCA awards.

What bliss.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well, after a pianful night (literally!) she eventually went to the loo this morning. PHEW! If course she didn't do it all so after stoppign the rest of it all morning (and a trip to the hospital to make sure it wasn't something more serious!) we finally had a repeat performance when we came home. But she has been very much happier since then so fingers crossed for a good week. It is getting more and more difficult to cope with this issue so I am going to the GP tomorrow to insist on going further. Oh, and to get antibiotics for my blessed tooth. THAT isn't helping matters any.

She didn't have a sleep this afternoon - but watched videos and scrapped instead. Here are the results of her afternoon's work.

Hopefully that means she will sleep until AFTER I have had my shower - now that'd be great!
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy day

Well, what a day! I feel like I have been running out of time all day! I suppose it doesn't help if you get caught up chatting on MSN with the 123 girls and then read after you get to bed. So when your 3 year old wakes you up at 6.30 ( I am never sure why she always seems to wake up early on days I can sleep in!) it is very hard to get up and you end up rushign around to get porridge on the inside and be washed on the inside before you need to go out in the howling wind and rain to buy a present for the 1st birthday you had forgotten about until you woke up that morning.

We did make this card though - from a sketch for the Little Scrapbook shop CC - and it was well-received. So I was very happy with that.

TG wouldn't eat anything much at the party and refused to have a sleep this afternoon. Of course she is nopw bombed out on the couch and is very hard to rouse so I think I might be in for a late night. Oh well. Better go get some tea on and see if that wakes her up. The light is still on and the music is blaring so let's see how we go...

Friday, August 10, 2007

scrapping challenges

Here is my take on the 1,2,3 Challenge for this month! The criteria is:
  • Green fabric
  • Something that has been in your stash for over 12 months, and;
  • sewing
This layout went through so many changes and has so many styles because I just went for broke. TG did some scrapping on Wednesday too but I haven't taken a photo of it yet. Will see how I go tonight.

BTW - make sure you check out the 123 cybercrop tonight! The more the merrier!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Simpsonised Librarian!

Perhaps slightly cooler than they might have drawn one - but here she is!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some scrapping...

After 4 weeks I have finally felt a little bit like scrapping and here are the results. The first one is for the local scrap shop $5 challenge - it took ages and is nothing like I started out doing. The next two are for the Scrapbook Divas CC. I think perhaps that all this stress over TG's paed visits and no poos must be getting to me as I really had a bit of a cry while I was looking for quotes for the handprint one. Oh well, I'll live...

And the third one is from my little scrapper. She cottoned on to doodling pretty quickly as you can see. Oh well, it is a slightly less expensive hobby than horseriding I suppose... lol

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting there

Well, couldn't get hold of the paed today but I put the tablets in some ice cream - it was still very bitter but she was much better about it. She hasn't gone yet but I am assured it is only a matter of They have a special unit for this problem at the Children's so that will be my next port of call I think if this doesn't work.

And thanks for the messages ladies - unfortunately we are well and truly past prune juice.

Almost the weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What a day!

Well, I am sure you are all on tenterhooks to see how we got on at the paed....

He was a nice bloke who checked her over (she of course wouldn't even look at him let alone speak to him!) and she is apparently ok. So he put her on a stronger laxative and said to keep her on that until it was all a matter of course and no dramas. Apparently I am doing the right thing food wise and so on.

So we go and buy the tablets at the pharmacy. Everyone says, oh just crush them, they'll be fine. What everyone neglected to tell me is that they are bitter and have a coating that doesn't crush. Grrrrrrrrr. And it turns out that it is an adult medication. How do they go from drops for infants to 3 year olds straight to tablets????????????????? Do these people have no idea?????????

Of course I almost choked her getting the thing down becuase she decided to chew it (as they do - 3yo do not follow simple instructions, well, mine doesn't!) and so of course won't put it in her mouth again. Not even with the promise of Bob the builder and chocolate afterwards.

And she is supposed to have 2 of these a day!!! : O

Wish me luck!

BTW, this is my 100th post - just thought you might like to know....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Winter Day!

Yes, I know I know, I haven't blogged for a week or so! Here is a photo that I have had up my sleeve since last Wednesday's playgroup from our Winter Day. The kids really loved playing in fake snow and wearing their winter gear. TG loved it cause she doesn't get to wear hers very often. She took to wearing her gumboots in the house for a few days before; she was so very excited about it.

As you can see I finally finished her hat and a couple of items for Jarmie Bear (that don't really fit but that's what you get when you are in a rush and don't plan properly!)

Since then we have had a whirlwind trip to Melbourne for my Dad's 65th birthday - which was unfortunately the same day as the release of HP#7. A a result I am still getting through it as I am too tired to read it jsut before bed. Might get a bit more read tomorrow - who knows? A new Bob the Builder DVD might be a good bribe to sit still

We are off to the paediatrician tomorrow to see about food, behaviour and related problems. She still won't eat anything fruit or vegie-wise (or much else either) so it is time to DO something about it as it is causing other problems. Also TG has a little rash too so might as well get him to check it while I'm paying him!

Knitting-wise, I am still in the middle of my scarf for KOGO. It is very uninspiring so I am going to cast on for a cardigan this evening and then alternate between the two. I have never made anythign I have to block and sew up before so wish me luck!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday at home...mostly

Well, today we went out for breakfast because I couldn't be bothered cooking! Mind you, it ended up being 9.30 before we got out the door! After visiting the newsagent, the scrapbook shop and the furniture shop (where I paid for my new sofa bed - chocolate brown and an innerspring mattress) we came home and did 'the backlumin'... I think that's how you spell it...

After that we had lunch and TG even made her sandwich - actually, make that bread with philly cheese spread on it.
I convinced her (enventually) to at least have a lie down on the couch - she slept for a fair while. Can't wait till she isn't grumpy if she doesn't have a sleep! These late sleeps are very annoying!

Did a bit more knitting today - I have finished the swatch for TG's cardigan/jacket. I will post it soon. I think the tension is pretty right so when I am finished the current project I will get a start on it. Of course, she is like me and will need longer sleeves than the pattern calls for...

And finally, here is a photo of being on the phone to Daddy. What a cosmopolitan chick!

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Well, we had a busy week with a quick trip away to visit some babies. A little girl born 4 weeks prem (4 weeks ago) and a little boy born right on time... TG was a bit underwhelmed by them - I'm not sure she really got the idea... still she's only 3!

We also caught up with relatives. I *think* they enjoyed seeing us too.

And here we are back home tonight enjoying a "sticky bun" and a warm chocolate... :)
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Monday, July 09, 2007


Here are some photos of what I have been knitting. I have done these all in the last couple of weeks...

Here is the beginning of my socks - let's hope I get to wear them next

And here is the beanie I knitted for KOGO - get involved!!!! I have one beanie and a scarf to do... I am going to start the scarf this week.

And here is the beanie I knitted for TG - not made up as yet. I had to enlarge it as her head is 2 inches bigger than the pattern allows for. And of course I ran out of wool with about 10 rows to go so I had to run out and buy that today. Luckily the wool shop had one left still. I am waiting for another order to come in so that I can do the accompanying poncho. Oh, and the pom-poms - I am not allowed to forget those! :O

And here are a couple of photos of The Girlie herself...

Oh, and a small note to add - my friend Fleurie thinks I am a Torchwood-tragic... but goodness gracious why wouldn't there be a time-space rift running through the middle of Cardiff?? And why wouldn't such a lovely man as Captain Jack be running the fight against all the nasty riff raff coming out of it....???? (yes, i *do* know that the actor is gay - but that doesn't mean he doesn't look good!!! LOL)

:P Bllpppt to you my dear

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm sure the glass is half full .... somewhere

We had a sudden visit to the hospital today when TG woke up with a barky cough and quite distressed. Having heard this MANY times before I rang the hospital straight away and was there in 10 minutes. (TG barking, crying and complaining all the way!) Of course, we got seen by the nurse almost immediately (gotta love crying kids sometimes!) but had to wait almost an hour longer for the doctor. I suppose at least we were able to see a doctor - it would have been another story a year ago! And of course, by the time we saw him, she was so much better. Oh well, that's how it usually goes....

While we were waiting, TG decided she needed to go to the loo. She's been having a bit of a problem recently with overshooting so she was quite careful in her positioning. Unfortunately she needed to sneeze (a HUGE one!) mid-stream and so all her good work was undone. You would be surprised where sneezy wee can end up.... lol

Oh, and where was I, you might ask??? I was holding her dressing gown up "so it wouldn't get wet", and so, you guessed it! - I was right in the firing line.......

TG used to be very good at all this hospital stuff but seems to have lost her mojo where being examined is concerned. we saw a new doctor today who was very patient with her. Lovely man, and very straightforward, (and also happy to examine Jarmie bear first!). Thankfully there was only a slight reddening in one ear and her temp was up but the chest is clear and she seems to be breathing ok. On the way home in the car she said "was it fun to go to the hospital???" I of course assured her that it was and said "the doctor was nice" and she replied "Yes, he was... and he had a brown face"... I was wondering if she had noticed....

So tomorrow it is off to the doctor to check out my ears (which are still full and a bit dizziness-causing) and to check out her croup as well as all the not-going-to-the-loo problems we seem to be having recently. It is all very frustrating. Let's hope he is in a sensible mood and sends me somewhere useful...

On a lighter note, TG and her cousin have been scrapping today. There has been a cybercrop on at Scrapbook Divas and they did the kids challenge. Sadly I have not felt like scrapping this weekend and so I have nothing but half a beanie to show for myself... but more about that later in the week.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here he is!!

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It's a boy!

SIL gave birth in the very early hours of this morning (almost yesterday in fact!) to a healthy baby boy.

8lb 2oz
50.5 cm

I will update with photos when I have them.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New socks

Here is a picture of current BQ progress - not much to report this week but it is still getting there...

And here are my new socks!! After a week of freezing toes I went out and bought some! Mind you, I think I should have gone to Safeway instead of Target - there was very little there. And I don't think it was because they had run out either... I wish country stores were better stocked!

Anyway, these socks have some wool and angora in them and I am looking forward to wearing my new luxury item!!

And here is the reason why I have not been stitching so much - I have been trying to teach myself to knit! (Well, start agian anywya - my Nanna did teach me!) I have decided that I want to knit myself a pair of socks - I just have to wait for the needles now as the local place didn't have them in stock. I think that knitting socks is just one of those things that you need to say that you have done then you never need to do again... rather like roasting a chicken with all the trimmings...and smocking. Mind you - I may like knitting socks, and if I continue to be unable to find a cardigan I like I may have to bite the bullet and knit one of those too.

Oh, just a note - SIL is in labour so will let you all know if I am an aunt or an uncle in the near future... :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Discussion while getting ready for bed...

TG: They [pyjamas] are a bit short, aren't they?
Mum : yes, we might need to buy you some more
TG: yes, we might need to go to the shop... to Target and buy some more...we will go to Target to buy me pyjamas...

What the???

And how did she know????

As I type, it is 2.2 degrees C outside - no wonder the cat is tying himself in knots to get in front of the heater!

Oh, and here is a picture of what I served up for dinner tonight. It was very yummy.

And here is a picture of the child that refused it...

I just love this jumper - it may not go with her Dorothy top but it is lovely and warm!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Creative Process...

Here are a few photos of the Girlie's afternoon scrapping. We very nearly had ALL the stickers we bought this morning on her LO but luckily I conviced her to save some for next time.

The Girle says..."uuttejuttttttuufnnnnjjjffffffffffffffffffk" which I think means "we had fun..."

Of course, it might not mean anything at all.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here are some photos I took tonight of TG doing her own buttons. She wanted to do it all herself tonight and I must admit she did a great job!

There are also a couple of extra photos - one of both of us that I took and one of my NEW STASH!!! Can't wait to do those bookmarks.... :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A day at home

It is still very wet and windy and cold (so the rain is freezing AND horizontal!) so today we stayed at home. Mostly.

We had some friends come over to play this morning (and the Mummy of said friends) while I went off for my "lady's check up". The Girlie had a lovely time even though my friends had some difficulty with my DVD player. Oh well... they don't always have to watch TV! They had fun anyway.

We did briefly go to the shops to get groceries and TG had a great time counting the vegies - now she just has to learn to eat them! She was pretty good for a grocery shop - I think that all this holding in her number 2s and also climbing in to bed with me at odd hours of the night (and proceeding to chatter all about the day's activities! *sigh*) might be tiring her out a bit. I am loathe to put her back to bed as it seems obvious she needs a bit of extra security at the moment. Thankfully it is not every night.

We also went to meet the emergency day carer this afternoon and TG behaved herself impeccably. She remembered the kids she met (and especially the cat!) and knows that she will be going there on Friday (and that Mummy will be coming back after work! LOL) and seems okay about it. Let's hoe that she is okay about it on Friday morning.

She didn't eat her tea tonight but at least she didn't make a big thing of it. Although now that that is not a big thing any more she is having a good go at making bedtime difficult. Luckily she is so tired that she drifts off very quickly.

I have a tidy lounge room and both the washing up and the folding are up to date - so I am going to bed a happy woman.... LOL

Monday, June 18, 2007

Still cold...

In fact - last night I forgot to turn the heater off and I didn't even notice!! Normally it would cut in and out - waking me up - or I would get too hot. But no! So cold it must have been...

The Girlie was sick this morning - poor thing. Who knows why. I thought that perhaps she had caught whatever the other little girl at daycare had last week but, as she was bouncy and happy and not sick again, it would seem not.

I am also thinking that her behaviour generally has been much better the last few days - hopefully that means my new no-nonsense approach is helping. Bedtime is a bit difficult now - I mean when they say they have to go you can't say no, can you? There's nothing I can really tighten in the routine so I am hoping that it will work itself out.

Here is a progress pic of BQ - I was going to put it up last night but I was so very tired after those over-one violets that I went straight to bed. Well, after the very interesting episode of CSI: Miami (in which I finished the next two bands!) and the even more interesting (and perhaps more educational!) documentary on Moorish Spain! (Am I still allowed to call it that? or is that non-PC nowadays. I tend to live in the Middle Ages a bit so if someone could tell me the proper term it would be much appreciated...:) )Of course, it was by then 11 pm - so well and truly past my bedtime.

And it's almost there again now - so more from me tomorrow!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I did it!

Yes, I ate porridge. And it wasn't too bad with a lot less sugar on it than I normally would use!!!

Went to the chemist today to get some stuff for the Girlie - why do kids always try to strangle you with your scarf when you are talking seriously with someone????


And why is it that people who have been able to stay home with their children say "You don't have children to put them in daycare"????? As if I don't *know* that!!!!

We had chops and vegies tonight. Well, I did. And they were very yummy. What a pity the girlie missed out on such a nice meal...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mean Mummy

Today I have signed up for the Mean Mummy Army - yet again!!!! I spent 1/2 hour on teh phone to the Maternal Child Health Nurse helpline trying to make sense of meal time techniques. ARGH! So, that is it. The Girlie will now eat what I eat - or not at all. There will be no custard afterwards. And no toast during the week. Just porridge. And no cordial after dinner - just water. Hopefully this will not just help her be more healthy - it might also help the other end... :p

Of course, that means that I will have to eat porridge in the morning too - bleugh!! And I might even have to eat some fruit for snacks! Shock, Horror!!!!

I just hope it's worth it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some things I learnt today...

...and possibly already knew...
  • 6.45 am is apparently a perfectly reasonable time to get up and demand cuddles from Mum.
  • Toast is far more desirable than porridge.
  • The world stops for Play School.
  • Chocolate Chip muffins are yummy, especially when served warm with cream.
  • Warm latte will become cold latte - very quickly.
  • Slippers are unavailable for purchase on a Public Holiday.
  • 3 year olds like to tip blocks on the floor at every available opportunity.
  • 3 year olds need their own cutting mat.
  • You can never have too much glue or too many stickers.
  • Bed does not equal sleep.
  • No sleep = bad afternoon. But everything still stops for Play School...
  • Silly toddler + no sleep + sewing box + turned back for 30 seconds = cut beaded scissor fob.
  • = CORNER TIME!!!!!!!!
  • 3 year olds do not like to pack up the play dough.
  • 3 year olds like bubbles.
  • Bedtime can be stretched only so far before it gets absurd.
  • Work may come as a blessed relief.... :)

What kid of bra are you???

Seems they'll let you blog anything these

As seen on Stuff with Thing - a fellow stitcher's blog

You Are a Lace Bra!

Dreamy, romantic, and ultra-feminine
You're a womanly woman who makes guys feel like men
Your perfect guy is strong, determined, and handsome
With a softer side that only you can draw out

Sunday, June 10, 2007

BQ update

Here are a couple of pics of BQ. I haven't doen much this week - that over-one stitching is a bit of a killer! I've put in a close up so you non-stitchers out there can get the idea of what I mean.