Wednesday, November 29, 2006


...and that pretty much sums it up for me... LOL.

The girlie has had croup and gastro in quick succession - which has meant a LOT less sleep when we were both only just getting over daylight savings time starting. (Doesn't that always knock you round?)

Work for other teachers is starting to wind down (well classroom-wise anyway) but for us in the library it is starting to wind-up with a fiction stocktake looming! Yes, we get to find out just how many books have made it past our security system in the last 3 years! :)

On the upside, some lovely people from church came and not only mowed my extensive lawn (well huge dandelion patch might perhaps be more accurate) but also whippersnipped the edges. It really made my week. I even got inspired and went and weeded around the lavender out the front. Now I just have to keep it up and weed other bits too.

And tonight I got to scrap! It's a day of protest tomorrow and apparently I am protesting. Or not, as the case may be. I am certainly not protesting a day off work! Even if it is unpaid. It means that I can do some housework (sadly? without my usual aid of a small but enthusiastic helper) and also have some time to myself. Hence the fact that I have ignored the folding and the washing up tonight. And scrapped instead...

But I will head off to bed now and get some well-earned rest. And hopefully I will be allowed to sleep through... :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

"I don't wan' it...."

So how to come back at that??? From a two year old???? Before you've even set tea on the table????

I don't know what all the rest of you would say, but this week I have been "Mummy the Mean" and am about to become "Mummy the Even Meaner".

I have decided that I am tired of preparing two different meals (all she will eat for dinner is corn-on-the-cob, plain pasta, plain rice and egg and toast) so this week I have given her pretty much what I have had. So the menu has been meat and 3 veg, vegie soup and toast, pasta and meatballs and rice and stir fry. I didn't give her the sauces for the pasta and the stir fry because I am nothing if not kind and know that she really actually doesn't like tomatoes (established early on) and satay sauce is really a bit hot for her (as well as containing peanuts).

Tonight was a delicious tuna pasta bake lovingly prepared and much enjoyed by both me and XDH. Of course, true to form, the girlie would not even try it - pushing it away before we had even said grace. So, as I have done all week when she has refused food I said "Well, that's what we're having and that's all there is" and she got down from the table.

What she doesn't know (and this is where my new title comes in) is that I made enough so that we could have the leftovers tomorrow night. And since she hasn't touched hers I have no cumpunction not to serve it to her tomorrow night.

I wonder how long both of us can hold out?