Monday, June 12, 2006

Always read the label...

I can't believe it!! I have put off disinfecting the girlie's favourite bear because I didn't have any Pine-O-Clean and didn't want to use bleach or to wash it in the machine because I thought it might have cardboard joints. And of course these would 'melt' if they got wet. But what do I see as I am painstakingly giving it a sponge-bath tonight? "Gentle Machine Wash"...


Anyway, I have done heaps of cleaning today - swept, vaccuumed, and mopped floors - cleared and wiped the bathroom benches, washing and folding (of course), made dinner and sandwiches for tomorrow at the same time and I even got to read a bit more of Lost Property! Which is turning out to be rather good.

DH, meanwhile, has been taking photos of colour-cordinated M&Ms...


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lovely day

We had a lovely day today. We were invited out for lunch, and although it was a late one, the girlie behaved herself impeccably (well mostly!). She was a bit silly when we got home though.

Have decluttered one side of the kitchen (yesterday) and washed all the sheets and done most of yesterday's folding. The other half of it is still ont he line as I think it is too cold to go out there and bring it in tonight. We have enough clothes to be going on with. I have also managed to clear a path to the wardrobe in our bedroom and have been finally able to put away DH's shirts in it instead of having them hang over the doors.

Queen's Birthday holiday tomorrow so I can get stuck in and clean for the week so I won't have to do any of it again until I come home from holidays!!!!!!! Well, that's the plan anyway. Just have to get off my behind and do it.

Have just started to read Lost Property by James Moloney. I keep thinking about it on and off so I figure it must be pretty good. Moloney draws his characters really well so that they jump of the page at the reader. I'm looking forward to reading some more of it. Haven't finished Chasing Charlie Duskin yet, so should probalby get back to that one too.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Decluttering 101

Well day 10 is here and I am still Flylady-ing - picking and choosing a bit as there is only so much time in the day. But the house is getting better tiny bit by tiny bit. It really helps that DH is doing the dishes every night - one less thing for me to worry about. Today's challenge was to set the timer for 15 minutes and to travel round the house picking up rubbish - I couldn't belive how much I got done in 15 minutes! I also did a 5 minute foray into the master bedroom and even that short time made a difference.

I got 2 parcels today - one I was expecting (some display folders to store my scrapping stash in - they are brilliant!) The second contained an anti-frizz kit that I won for updating my details on a website - from memory I think the prize was supposed to be a pamper pack... I'm not sure that anti-frizz shampoo and other such items amounts to pampering. Oh well, never look free hair products in the mouth.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the girlie may just cost us a lot of money. She has taken to galloping around the house making horse sounds and today she showed far too much interest in the tap danicing on playschool... So at the moment it's either a pony or tap shoes... hmmmm.... Mind you she seems to like cars so she might just earn some money as a mechanic... You never can tell.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Flylady day 9!

Last night I wrote up my morning and evening routines - couldn't find a binder so I wrote them in whiteboard marker on the back of some old laminated notices from work! I stuck them about the kitchen bench so I'll be more likely to see them there.

Did a washing roster so I am not washing all weekend too. Hopefully it will cut down the folding time if I do it in little bits.

Today's lesson was on how to declutter. It takes a bit of setting up but it should be great once I get it going. I like the idea of doing just 15 mins a day.

I also stuck to my guns and didn't put the computer on until the girlie had gone to bed. Makes for a later night but at least I am not tempted to read emails instead of getting tea on the go on time or playing with her.

Mind you, today all she wanted was for me to leave her alone and put the Wiggles on! :)

Day off tomorrow!!! Woohooo!!!!! Only 4 student contact days to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

I scrapped!!!!

I discovered something today. The Wiggles on video is a great getting-dinner-ready-with-as-little-stress-as-possible tool. She stands in the middle of the lounge watching it - mesmerised - dances a little jig (or round and round, whatever takes her fancy), and then goes off and does a puzzle or something nice and quietly while I finish chopping. Wow!

Haven't flylady-ed much today - just put my clothes out and now I am supposed to write routines down. Hmmmm....

The girlie has taken to babbling in sentences. When I say 'pardon?', she usually repeats herself exactly - so I assume SHE knows what she is saying!!!

I finished a layout last night - the first since the cybercrop. Am going to do a facing page with photos from that particular month for the girlie's first year album.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

folding, folding, folding...

I feel like that is all I have done today and there is still some left - but I think it will only take me 15 minutes so that is not so bad.

DH has even said he appreciates how the house is gradually changing - he might even jump in and help!! :) Seriously, he does do the washing up every night and that is great.

We went out for coffee this morning and then to the library. Borrowed a Wiggles video for the girlie and she was so excited - gave me a huge grin when she saw the case let alone the video on the screen!!!

She is trying to copy almost everything we say - I will have to get out a tape recorder soon!

Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Friday!!!!!

And what a good day it has been!

Today was quietish at work so I got some stuff done. The backup finished just in time for me to leave on time. I got a reminder email at luchtime to clean out my handbag - and I did it!!!! I think it took a bit longer than 5 minutes but it is done and I found a few things I wasn't sure where they were - and that can only be a good thing...

Got to the post office to find that my scrummy ribbon from Scrapapple has come and I just can't wait to use it!

The girlie was pretty good this evening and DH was home early so things GOT DONE.

I have folded all my towels and sheets from the mega disinfectant wash and will put them away tomorrow when I have sorted out the cupboard to find room for them.

All in all not a bad night. and seriously looking forward to Saturday Coffee tomorrow!!